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Building Bridges and impacting lives through a Voluntary Mentoring Program

Providing Educational Support To Our Community Students and Adults

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi


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Our Students

I like the A to Z program because it helps me do better in school. This program is fun because I get to learn new things. Thanks to my tutor, my math grade is an A+. Last year when I had a division test, what I leaned in the program helped me ace it. My tutor is kind and helps me and he is sometimes funny. I want to keep coming as long as I can.
-Sergio Ochoa

I like coming here because, I can learn stuff. I can also take tests. When I come here I like doing math. I like doing my home work here, because I can have help!! My favorite part of coming hear is doing long division !!
-Miah Gossen, Grade 4

I like coming to A2Z because they help us with our homework and they help you to study for your spelling test, social studies and more! When you get there at first if you didn t finished with your homework you get to do it in here and if you don't get how to do it you can ask them to help you and they will help you or explain how to do it. May be in the half of A to Z you take a test of spelling in which grade you are! And besides it is so fun in here. It's fun in here because it is in a library and I love, love libraries! And this is why I like to come here !!.

I like coming to A2Z because they help me with my homework. Another thing that I like to come here is because I can learn more. A third thing I like to come here is because it is so fun to be in here. A fourth thing I like to come here is because I can see my dad a little minute earlier until he comes home.
-Stacy, Grade 3

I come here to get help on my homework and that I learn new things and to get better grades in school. They people who work with me are nice. They make me learn new things and make me understand things that I don't know. This program is so helpful for us they help us a lot. I like A to Z they are the best.
-Maira Piedra, Grade 6

I like it because they help me on my homework and I get good grades. I cam here because my mom want to we learn more. I am happy because they treat me and my sister nice. I am happy here. The supervisors and the tutors are very nice too us.
-MJulisa Piedra, Grade 4

When I come in A2Z I sign the paper and thean I enjoy the math. Sometime I get the math right and sometimes I get it wrong.
-Ayushi Vijay, Grade 1

I look forward to coming here most of the time. My mentor is nice, I learn a lot. Someimes it helps me at school too.
-Sarena Hernandez, Grade 3

My favorite friends are Sharang and Rahul. My favorite thing for A2Z is reading, math and phonics. A2Z helps me doing my homewokr. My favorite school is A2Z, because you teach us.
-Christian Cordero, Grade 3

I love this place because it is fun. I learn more, I read more and I learn math more. I learnt how to write good. You help me by reading. The teaching part is the best part.
-Kemp Vasquzz, Grade 4

I like coming to A2Z because I read books. I also write my sentences. I like my mentor.
-Genessis Dlcivar, Grade 1

I like A2Z because it is fun. I like to play Jeopardy. I love Rahul. I like to do homework, I love to learn!!
-Ravi Traylor, Grade 1

I like A2Z. I like to play games and learn. We do a spelling test. We do some homework and math, we read books and do sentences.
-Jay Patel, Grade 2

A2Z has helped me with my homework. They also help me with stuff I need help with. I like this program but it can improve by having computers in here also. It has improved my grades in school.
-Andrew Navarrro, Grade 8

I like A2Z because I can do my homework with the help of my mentor. Someimes I learn new things and that is what I like about A2Z
-Randall Sivak, Grade 4


Email:  A2Z@a2zmentoring.org